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  KenGro Corporation, a leading manufacture of organicabsorbents/bioremediation
agents has introduced a new product. Delta-dri is an organic granular industrial absorbent. It is all-natural with indigenous microbes, which will enhance
bioremediation of hydrocarbons allowing additional disposal options compared
to clay products. Delta-dri is sized to a larger particle size than Kengro Biosorb.
It has gone through a process to virtually remove all dust particles, which also
eliminates fine particles. Delta-dri is ten times more absorbent than clay products, meaning less material to clean up and dispose of. It provides immediate absorbent action, so it is not necessary to leave Delta-dri on the floor permanently. It can
be swept up in minutes after applying, leaving no visible residue behind. It can
be used again and again until completely saturated. Delta-dri is nonabrasive,
and can be used around any type of machinery. It is available in 2 cubic foot bags
and in socks and booms.