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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Click I. Identification Click VI. Reactivity Data
Click II. Hazardous Ingredients Click VII. Spill or Leak Procedures
Click III. Physical Data Click VIII. Special Protection
Click IV. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data Click IX. Special Handling
Click V. Health Hazard Data
Click I. Identification
6605 Highway 32 East, Charleston, MS 38921
Phone Number (662) 647-2456
Emergency Number (662) 647-0116
Trade Name Kengro AQUA
Chemical Family Plant by-products
CAS Number Trade Secret
Chemical Formula Proprietary
Click II. Hazardous Ingredients
Hazardous Components This material is not considered hazardous as per CFR 19.10.120
% Confidential
TLV Units None Established
Product CAS # Trade Secret
All ingredients in this product are in the TSCA inventory list.
Click III. Physical Data
Boiling Point (F) N/A
Freezing Point (F) N/A
Vapor Pressure (mm hg) N/A
Vapor Density (air =1) N/A
Solubility in H2O Not Soluble
Appearance/Odor Contents- light brown to gray/mild odor. Covering-white, blue, green, or red/mild odor.
Specific Gravity (H20) <1
pH Neutral pH
Click IV. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data
Flash Point >550° Deg F
(open cup method)
Lower Flame Limit N/A
Higher Flame Limit N/A
Extinguishing Media Water fog or spray, foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide CO2
Unusual Fire Hazard None Known
Click V. Health Hazard Data
Threshold Limit Value None established for this product
Routes of Entry Inhalation? Irritant
Skin? Not likely
Ingestion? Irritant
Health Hazards Irritating to eyes and slightly irritating to skin
Carcinogenicity NTP? No
IRAC monograph? No
OSHA Regulated? No
Over Exposure Effects
Eye irritation develops immediately upon contact. No other known overexposure effects.
First Aid Procedures
In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; get medical attention if irritation persists; for skin, rinse with water. If affected by inhalation of dust particles, remove to fresh air. Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, drink several glasses of milk or water, get medical attention.
Click VI. Reactivity Data
Chemical Stability Stable
Conditions to Avoid None Known
Incompatible Materials Oxidizers or oxidizing materials. Avoid prolonged exposure to highly concentrated acids or bases.
Decomposition Products From fire, smoke, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.
Hazardous Polymerization Will not occur
Polymerization Avoid None
Click VII. Spill or Leak Procedures
For Spill In case of spillage, sweep up and place in suitable container.
Waste Disposal Method Follow State regulations
Click VIII. Special Protection
Respiratory Protection Not normally needed for this product. Use NIOSH approved dust mask if needed
Ventilation Local exhaust
Mechanical Exhaust Use if needed
Local Exhaust Recommended
Protective Gloves Not normally needed. Use to protect pre-existing skin conditions.
Eye Protection Use Safety glasses or face shield if needed.
Other Protective Equipment HMIS personal protection
Click IX. Special Handling
Handling and Storage Store away from oxidizers or material bearing a yellow DOT Label.
Precautionary Measures Provide fresh air ventilation during use. Close container after each use. Avoid contact with eyes. After handling this product, wash hands before eating, drinking, or smoking. If needed, take first aid action shown in Section V
Hazard Class Non-regulated
DOT Shipping Name DOT non-regulated
Reportable Quantity None
UN Number None
NA # None
Packaging Size Various