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Chemicals Absorbed by Kengro AQUA
The following chemicals and other hydrocarbons are absorbed by Kengro AQUA.



Click Ethanol Click Naphthalene


Click Ethylbenzene Click Nitrobenzene


Click Ethylene Glycol Click Pentane
Click Butanol Click Gasoline Click Phenol
Click 2-Butanone Click Glycerine Click Propanol
Click Bromoform Click Hexane Click Styrene
Click Carbon Disulfide Click Hexachlorobenzene Click Tetrachloroethane
Click Carbon Tetrachloride Click Isoprene Click Tetrachlorethylene
Click Chloroform Click Jet Fuel Click Toluene
Click Chloromethane Click Kerosene Click Trichloroethylene
Click Chlorobenzene Click Methanol Click Vinyl Acetate
Click Cutting Oils Click Methylene Chloride Click Vinyl Ch39loride
Click Dichlorobenzene Click Methylphenol
Click Diesel Fuels Click Motor Oil